Beginner’s Guide To Unlocking An iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is a super sleek phone that most people would kill to have. What, with all the smart features and its slim body, who wouldn’t want to make a purchase of it? Around the world, it is celebrated for more than just its sleek appearance; it has these unique and explosive features packed inside for you to explore and enjoy. The iPhone 7 has made life much easier for us; we just can’t help but try to imagine how life would be without them. It is the most revered brand of smartphones for the core reason of its versatility. You can count on it to see you through the rainy and sunny days without it succumbing to the harsh weather patterns. However, unlocking it has become quite a hard nut to crack for most iPhone owners. Let’s see how to help them.

How to go about unlocking iPhone 7

To understand a given set of instructions, you first need to understand the language used for you to learn how to process what you need to do. We’ll go straight to the chase, here’s what you need to do to unlock your iPhone 7.

Only unlock a brand new iPhone 7

castle on top of iphone 7Make sure that your iPhone is brand new before you can attempt unlocking it. This is because the guidelines you need to unlock your phone are incorporated into the phone’s settings. The reason for this is to safeguard your security. With hackers on the prowl, you can never be too sure what their next move is.

This is the part where your iTunes-enabled computer comes in. You will then turn your iPhone 7 on and then plug it in. The account set up screen will automatically show up with some empty fields which you will need to fill in such as your ZIP code then move on to the next step of the process.

Agree to the terms and conditions set

You cannot move on to the next procedure without first agreeing to the terms and conditions stated, before which you must read carefully and understand. You must get to know what you are getting yourself into because the manufacturers will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Afterward, you will get to the part where the phone is confirmed to be yours and a few minutes, get another message still on the iTunes screen, informing you that your iPhone 7 has finally been unlocked.

What happens if it does not work?

iphone 7 beside notebook and penIf you are sure that you parted with a hefty sum of money to acquire your iPhone 7 and it is still locked even after following every step, then it is time for you to contact the authorities involved for them to let you know of the next cause of action. You won’t have to wait long hours for them to get back to you and give you all the answers you are looking for.


Don’t be alarmed when this happens to you because it has happened to a vast majority of other users and their problems have been solved in the nick of time. At least you won’t have to feel out of place and clueless the next time your friend asks you how to go about unlocking an iPhone 7.